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Pianomation II Architect and developed an embedded Linux player piano controller. Developed user interface, networking, song list management, custom music DRM, drivers, embedded applications, build environment, bug tracking, revision control, on-line documentation, project management, regression tests.
NVD8501 Development and maintenance of a DVD On-A-Chip audio DVD player software.
NVD8501 Developed audio subsystem for the NVD8501 DVD On-A-Chip, including MPEG, DTS, AC3, MLP, and HDCD decoders, DSP sound effects, karaoke, bass channel redirection, and multi-channel management.
  LMX9838 Coded Bluetooth stack.
ESS1980 Maestro 3 Coded Microsoft Windows® audio drivers to interface with the ESS1980.
Veloce X-100 Digital Piano Coded audio synthesis module, HID, testing.
DH200 Digital Hymnal Coded automated rhythms, music data compression, audio synthesis, HID.
  Audio Speakers Designed and developed a line of powered speakers for use with digital keyboards.
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