Sarain Software has been developing audio technology for over 20 years, developing nimble solutions for a variety of customers. We have been involved in the entire audio chain, from analog audio pre-amps, ADC design, signal processing, DAC design, to speaker enclosure design.

Audio is not just technology, it is also art. Sarain Software has all of the technical knowledge, but with the heart of a musician. We have developed drivers that interface directly to hardware to applications that provide the consumer with a seamless, reliable interface. In all parts of the audio chain, it is crucial that it "just works". Sarain Software has the experience and broad range of technical expertise to create your audio product that "just works".

Our creativity lead to a U.S. patent for a unique method of 3D audio rendering. Our lengthy and extensive track record has equipped us with the ability to provide quick, cost-effective solutions that blend seamlessly with your core products or services.

An important aspect of audio is Digital Rights Management (DRM). Sarain Software is familiar with industry standard DRM and has developed custom DRM solutions.

Our experience includes:
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