Quality Assurance

Buggy software will alienate customers no matter how incredible the underlying technology is. Everything else has influence, but the quality of the software is the power that determines success. Sarain Software has always emphasized software quality, through well-defined specifications, unit testing, experience in code development, and regression testing.

There are many phases of a product. Sarain Software can scale its services to accommodate quality assurance for inspiration, development, release, and maintenance. Each phase builds upon the previous, always referring to the specification that defines the product. This ensures that the product moves forward, not one step back for every two steps forward.

Sarain Software believes that communication and information is the crucial piece of quality assurance. We can provide on-line support via defect tracking, specifications, automated API documentation, embedded software documentation. We also can work closely with your developers with the background to precisily describe problems.

We can also provide performance and stress testing, as well as usability feedback. Our experience in low-level software development enables us to have unique techinques to monitor resource usage.

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